About the NLR A & P Commission

The North Little Rock Advertising & Promotion Commission oversees North Little Rock Tourism. North Little Rock Tourism functions as the sales and marketing arm of the Commission.


To create and promote an inclusive environment for people to make vibrant memories in North Little Rock.


Develop, market and advocate to drive tourism to North Little Rock.

Primary Functions

  1. To make a positive difference in the economy.
  2. To market the community.
  3. To work as a tourism industry coordinator.
  4. To represent the tourism industry.
  5. To build community pride.


In 1965, the Arkansas Legislature adopted Act 185, which provided that any city of the first class may by ordinance of the governing body thereof, levy a tax upon the gross receipts or proceeds from lodging accommodations, restaurants and food service businesses thereby creating legislation establishing the Advertising & Promotion Commission. On June 23, 1975, the North Little Rock City Council approved Ordinance 4530, which established the Commission.

North Little Rock A & P Commissioners

The NLR A&P Commission is comprised of two council members, two representatives of the lodging industry, two representatives of the food service industry and one member at large.

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