North Little Rock CVB begins issuing permits

Beginning January 1, 2019, the North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) will begin issuing advertising and promotion permits to new foodservice and lodging businesses operating in North Little Rock. The process was previously handled by the North Little Rock City Clerk and Treasurer’s office.

“Now the CVB will have an opportunity to welcome new business owners in person and explain our operation and how we support our permit holders,” said Bob Major, North Little Rock CVB President & CEO. “Our tax revenue manager, Robin Powell, does an excellent job now of visiting with businesses when they remit taxes but for her to be at the forefront of the interaction will help them understand who we are and what we do.”

North Little Rock lodging facilities collect a 3.5-percent lodging tax, 2.5 percent of which funds the North Little Rock CVB and one percent funds the North Little Rock Parks & Recreation Department. A three-percent North Little Rock A&P tax is collected on all prepared food, the majority of which funds the North Little Rock Parks & Recreation Department. The North Little Rock CVB uses its funding to advertise and promote the City of North Little Rock as a destination for visitors, who bring revenue to hospitality businesses.

“Opening a new business can be daunting but we are here to help,” Major said. “Part of our mission is to enhance economic growth in North Little Rock, and that is achieved by working one-on-one with business owners and managers to help them succeed.”

The North Little Rock CVB promotes restaurants and hotels through a variety of avenues, including direct sales efforts with planners and groups; an annual printed and digital destination guide; advertising in local, regional and national outlets; listings on the CVB website; public relations efforts; email marketing and social media.

There are 34 lodging properties and three campgrounds/RV parks in North Little Rock. As of August 2018, AirBnB began remitting the A&P tax on behalf of its hosts in North Little Rock. Though the number fluctuates, there are approximately 350 foodservice businesses permitted to operate in North Little Rock. An A&P permit is required for foodservice and lodging operations in North Little Rock and can be obtained for free in person at the Visitors Information Center at 1 Eldor Johnson Drive in Burns Park.
The North Little Rock CVB is the sales and marketing arm of the North Little Rock Advertising & Promotion Commission. For more information about the commission, visit

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